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Yard, Equipment, and Capabilities


  • Plant Facilities:
    A. Available yard fabrication area - 8 acres.
    B. Steel storage area - 2 acres.
    C. Shop area 32,200 sq. ft.
    D. Warehouse area 5,400 sq. ft.
    E. Office area 4,500 sq. ft.
    F. Water frontage:
            Steel Bulkhead 2,100 ft.
            Water depth 15 ft.
            Barge accessible 100’ x 300’ x 20’.
    G. Total site area - 27 acres.
  • Shipping Facilities:
    A. Truck – Maximum height restrictions of 13’. All other
    capabilities within D.O.T. regulations.
    B. Water – Access to Gulf of Mexico via Bayou Black and Intracoastal Waterway with no restrictions.
  • Utilities:
    A. Propane gas, oxygen gas, argon gas, CO2 gas, and
    compressed air available throughout yard.
    B. Potable water available at 50 PSIG.
    C. 480 V / 3 Phase available throughout yard.
  • Load-Out Capabilities:
    A. Crane Lifts up to 160 Tons
    B. Skid System up to 1200 Tons


  • 300 Ton Crawler Crane
    275 Ton Crawler Crane
    (2) 110 Ton Crawler Crane
    50 Ton Crawler Crane
  • (4) 10 Ton Overhead Cranes
    (2) 5 Ton Overhead Cranes
    (3) 18-35 Ton Cherry Pickers
  • Man-Lift
    (2) Forklifts
  • 140’ x 40’ x 7’ Spud Barge (Max 102)
    130’ x 34’ x 7’ Spud Barge (Max 103)
    -Barges equipped w/ cranes (50-110 Ton)


  • Authorization:
    ASME B.31 Code for Pressure Piping
    ASME – Division I Fabrication
    AWS D1.1
    API –1104
    Max Welders has welding procedures and personnel    qualified to all above codes.
  • Welding:
    A. Max Welders has welding procedures and personnel qualified in accordance with construction codes and welding processes.
    B. Portable and in house equipment available for welding carbon and alloy steels as well as clad materials and aluminum.
  • Services:
    A. Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing
    (In house and sub-contractor)
    B. Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing
    C. Heat Treating
  • Blasting and Coating:
    A. Air Compressors
    B. Conventional Painting and Blasting Equipment
    C. Blast Trac Machine
  • Water Jet Cutting:
    A. Cuts at 87,000 psi.
    B. Cuts any material from 1/16" to 8" thick

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