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Construction Services

  • Installation of production equipment.
  • Tie-in wellhead production and measuring facilities to pipelines.
  • Dismantle abandoned locations, on land, inland waterways, and offshore.
  • Carry out dredging requirements for the laying of pipelines on land or water.
  • Lay oil and gas pipelines in up to 20 feet of water.
  • Drive pilings for drilling or production sites. Set concrete slabs.
  • Plant construction site work (manifold piping, compressor packaging, etc).
  • Offshore crews to perform installation of prefabricated items or maintenance.
  • Renovation and salvage.

Fabrication Services

 Max Welders provides primary fabrication, repair and modification services for various phases of drilling and oil and gas production. With a staff of well-qualified personnel that can assist you with all of your fabrication and construction needs. We have a successful history in completing several different types of construction including:

  • Fabrication and repair of pressure vessels – in house and offshore.
  • Fabrication of skid mounted production equipment.
  • Small jackets and decks.
  • Wellhead protection structures.
  • Spool piping – installation at your job site.
  • Boat landings and bumpers.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Specialty metal welding.

Shell Habanero
Subsea Flowline Sled